About Majestic Earth


Albert Einstein once said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them!”

That quote is at the heart of our business. If we cannot do something properly and provide the right solution, we won’t do it. Period.

For that reason we specialize in two energy solutions, Solar Power, and Energy Storage.

We do not do wind, hydro, or wave energy. This means occasionally we need to turn away a job, but what it means is that we can specialize in providing the best end result on a very narrow selection of projects.

We will not bite off more than we can chew, so we do not take on projects like apartment buildings or solar farms larger than 500KW.

For solar power we proudly have team of CEC accredited Installers with 20+ years of experience.

We have 4 conditions to every job:

We will only take on a job if we think we can complete the job efficiently enough to provide an affordable price.

We will only take on that affordably priced project, if it also means we are providing a result that we can proudly display our sign on the lawn, and provide our Guarantee on workmanship.

We will only take on a project if we can do so safely. We have insurance, work coverage and are fully licensed, that liability protection for you is contingent on us following the rules.

We will only agree to be paid once you are Happy with the results, a system done right, a property left clean, and an experience your neighbors would want for their property.