Carnegie Wave Energy Project

What’s cooking this summer? Earth. It’s getting seriously hot in here as the global average temperatures last year broke records with 2015 steaming into first place as our hottest year since 1880.

Now you may ask yourself why I am writing all of these statistics? But wait! Keep reading there’s more.

Air pollution. Climate change Greenhouse gases. Don't stop reading, I promise this will be worth the read. It ends in a happily ever after, I promise.

Firstly, lets actually get to know one on one what air pollution means and how it truly effects us. I noticed before I wrote this I only had the information I had heard on the radio or the news which was, upon further inspection, stale, second-hand facts.

Pollution is introduced into the atmosphere from chemicals, manufacturing, biological matter and fossil fuels. The stratospheric ozone depletion has long been a topic of conversation among environmental scientists. The earth is only capable of cleaning out a certain level of pollution which is organically made by the earth such as volcanic eruptions, wildfires and other natural processes. However, man-made pollution is now becoming too much to handle for the ozone and the earth to clean and repurpose which gives us nasty consequences such as acid rain, smog and a variety of health problems (both airborne and from surfaces). #Grim #Nastystuff

Now I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we knew the chicken was about cooked anyway. Something has got to give.

If I’m correct and time travel hasn't been created yet, going back in time to redo whats already been done is impossible. To change what we already have is like taking the last cigarette from a chain smoker. It’s never going to happen. So what’s left?

I told you this story has a happy ending and I intend to keep to my word. Havee you ever heard of Carnegie Wave Energy? Prepared to have your mind blown. [insert blown mind here]

Carnegie Wave Energy looks to promote and educate the worlds population on renewable power from the oceans waves of all things. By using the oceans natural swell to produce zero-emission renewable power and desalinated freshwater the future looks cleaner and brighter by simply harnessing what nature naturally gives us. The source of sustainable energy is an uninterrupted and continuous source of energy that has the potential to be among the most enduring suppliers of the worlds future needs and obstacles.

Carnegie recently released information that was evidently popular with the public.

Guess what I’m here to update you! The CETO 6 Project is located in Western Australian and is supported by the Australian Federal Government through Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). The concept of the design is the culmination of work which commenced in 2012 and incorporates lessons learnt from the Perth Wave Energy Project which was originally tested in Scotland. The project is the worlds first commercial scale wave energy device that is connected to the grid and has the ability to desalinate water while producing sustainable energy. The benefits of this product allow the project to be very promising as a future sustainable energy choice.

I have attached the link here if you would like to read further about this amazing project.

Go Green! Go solar with Majestic Earth!

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