Clean Eating and Clean Energy

How do you envision the future? Google dictionary states that the future is a continuum of experience which passes through from the future to the present and finally to the past. I currently don't see flying cars, self-cooking stoves or un-piloted planes. I see a healthier population, fitter and brighter minds and more care towards the environment through the use of sustainable energy to power homes and business. Now, if I was to say future vending machines what would you instantly think? I think of touch screen orders, organic and fresh food, fast and convenient and just really yummy food.

If you identified future vending machines to what I just envisioned then welcome to the future!

Real food, real fast! All Real Food was founded by Daniella Stalling and Mark Woodhead with a small idea that has become a great success within the Brisbane CBD. The idea of organic, fresh and quickly delivered food via vending machines, or self service cafes as they are commonly referred to, was developed to educate people on fresh and healthy eating while allowing those that are on the daily grind to stop and pick up something decent to eat without running into the nearest McDonalds. Sorry McDonalds, but something has got to give.

The five basic principles of All Real Food include holistic health, local, ethical and transparent. Holistic health ensure that every person that purchases their easy organically made fast food are products that contain natural and organic ingredients. Ingredients that are prepaid in such a way as to provide the most nutritional values such as grains, nuts, kale and to provide a variety of menu options to suit everyones needs. You’re vegan? All Real Food have got you. You’re Vegetarian? They’ve got you sorted too. You’re gluten or lactose intolerant? Don’t worry they have it sorted!

All Real Food sports local suppliers and uses ONLY local ingredients to reduce transport miles and obtain the freshest product possible. All ingredients for their products are directly sourced from Australia and New Zealand. Community spirit or what! All Real Food ensures that meat eaters have produce that are sourced from famers that treat both animals and the environment with strong ethics to ensure the environment and produce is sustainable. Finally, All Real Food prides themselves on being transparent both to consumers and suppliers thereby keeping to the mission of the product itself; healthy, easy, fast food that is completely organic!

While sitting at one of the machines yesterday I watch more than 20 people walk passed the machine in complete and utter amazement directed towards the vending machine and the fresh goodies it offers. Photos were taken with the machine as if it was something completely ‘out of this world’. Why is it that the idea of getting a healthy salad from a vending machine on the way to work is something that is abnormal and yet McDonalds be the believable and go-to choice of the day?

Why shouldn't the idea of sustaining our bodies with healthy food while supporting and sustaining the environment be a normality in our lives both now and in the future? It takes all of two clicks on a touch screen in the Wintergarden to choose your healthy lunch for the day. Similarly it takes all of two clicks to choose to support the environment and use sustainable energy yourself. By supporting local business, using sustainable products and using sustainable energy, this not only betters the community but also has a positive effect on the environment.

So we are all clean eating now, not only because we promised ourselves our new years resolution would be to be healthier, happier person but it is also the newest and hippest trending topic to be part of this year. So riddle me this, why aren’t we using clean energy to go with this new trend? Now check this out, enough solar power hits the earth every single hour that we would normally use in a year. That’s a whole lot of power. Now imagine if we use these solar panels on farms that produce products such as the ingredients used in All Real Food, and solar power in the trucks that transport the products from the farm to the kitchen and then to the vending machines and use solar power for the touch screen systems used to order your new yummy lunch.

Multiple farms around Australia have been set up already with sustainable energy powering them by a resource we will never run out of. Personally, I LOVE All Read Food, I think both the idea and the product is exactly what the Australian public need, including myself. I also have solar panels on my home, I love them. Not only has it dramatically decreased the power bill but I know I’m doing my part for the environment.

I guess I’m following the newest and hippest trend to clean eating with clean sustainable energy.

Now before you go and order that UNHEALTHY big mac, go to an All Real Food vending machine, pick up a salad and call Majestic Earth to get your sustainable energy installed in your home or business today!

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