What is the difference between hybrid systems with backup and hybrid systems without backup?

The thing about being connected to the grid while using a solar system is that, if an electrician needs to service any part of the grid, it can be potentially dangerous. This is because normally when the power goes out, they know where the damage has occurred and they know which wires have become disabled. However, your solar system is still operational, meaning that the wiring surrounding your home is still live . Therefore most solar systems, hybrid or not, automatically power down during these periods. Even if you have a battery installed you still won’t have access to power. Backed up systems, however, come with an inbuilt switch that disconnects from the grid in the event of a power outage, allowing you to have uninterrupted electricity. However, a back up system is more complex, meaning there needs to be communication cables between your battery inverter, battery, and solar system inverter. This is because when you are not connected to the grid, power has only one place to go: your battery. If too much power is diverted to storage it could end up your entire system. Luckily, hybrid inverters solve both these issues.
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