Five Proven Ways To Save You Money

The thing about Global Warming and Climate Change is that it affects everyone, meaning we usually expect someone else to take a stand and save the world for us. The truth is, while the emissions produced by your average 4 person family home are of no comparison to the amount of pollution created by corporations and large scale mining, we are all responsible for how we leave this planet. Say goodbye to your water polluting, smog emitting, tree extinguishing past, because here we’ve collated a list of 5 simple and proven steps you can take to make a positive difference to your eco footprint, today. Immediately. Well after you’ve finished reading this post.

1. LED there be light, energy efficient LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes to be specific 

By now, you have most likely already made the switch from incandescent bulbs to those white light producing spiralling thingys resembling a luminescent slinky. Luckily, the Australian government has already helped you transition by phasing out the production and sale of Edison’s famed lightbulb over the past couple of years. However, recently the popularity of LED’s has soared due to the fact that they are half as expensive to operate, last over ten times longer, and produce a lot more light. Unfortunately, a lot of us probably feel like it was only yesterday we were out replacing our lights with slinky fluorescent lights. Fortunately, in half a year the light will have paid for itself and the days of replacing blown light bulbs every 2 months will be over.

2. Let your carbon fueled anxiety wash away!

Yes, that’s right, every time you contemplate leaving late for work just so you can enjoy indulge for an extra minute or ten, under the aquarian duvet (or ‘urban waterfall for the soul’)you could be wasting up to 18 litres of water a minute. This doesn’t even take into account the daily dollars you’re adding to your electricity bill. Did you know that just heating your hot water can account for up to a third of your daily electricity costs? By switching over to a low flow water efficient shower head you could greatly minimise your carbon footprint, and your quarterly expenses. While this is one of the easiest ways to quickly make a difference, a more effective option would be to install a solar hot water system. Even better, install a solar system to meet all your energy needs, and configure a simple timer on your hot water system to heat your water during the day. This will provide you with solar hot water for only a fraction of the cost so you can say goodbye to expensive electricity and hello to water efficient, energy efficient, shower power.

 3. Not too hot, not too cold, but just right. 

The best one about this neat little tip is that it is completely free and starts saving you money straight away. Most of us aren’t aware that we often having our heating too hot, or our cooling too cold and that’s not just climate control we are talking about. Fridges and freezers can often be incorrectly set. As a rough guide, instead of turning the thermostat to its maximum, you should be completely comfortable at 25˚C. As for your aircon, even on those days where you could cook an egg on the roof, 20˚C will do the job just fine. Fridges should be set to around 4˚C and freezers to about 0˚C.

 4. Keep it natural 

We have a habit of building our own personal fortresses, protecting ourselves from the dangers of the great outdoors. We often forget that using natural sunlight can greatly aid in warming the house. On top of that it’s a great source of light, surprisingly enough. This is a great, simple and free way to quickly reduce your bills by reducing your day time energy consumption.

5. On that note, how about eliminating your bills entirely? 

While making small changes around the house is great for reducing your energy consumption and therefore your energy bills, it’s never going to eliminate that pesky energy bill every three months. Especially if you have a pool pump and other appliances which need to be on 100% of the time there’s no way avoiding it. Without going into too much detail, if you are looking at spending over $350 a quarter on your power bills, you could be eligible to replace your power bill expenses with a solar system finance plan and end up $0 out of pocket. It is definitely worth looking into it before the only way to get solar system is to pay a quarterly bill for access to super farms, we are trying to reduce our bills here aren’t we?

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