I’m hardly ever home during the day, should I get solar?

Solar Panels need light to produce electricity. Yet, we seem to use the most electricity during late afternoon right up until late at night. However, while it is true that feed in tariffs have dropped dramatically as the energy industry and the government try to juggle the growth rate of solar, the money you save by selling the electricity for the majority of the day outweighs the few hours of peak usage during the night. As well as this, we underestimate the amount of energy we consume during the day. Most homes will have entertainment systems, refrigeration, climate control as well as any appliance with a standby setting all contribute to making your quarterly bill. A solar system can work by offsetting your appliances on standby. A timer can also be used to heat your hot water or run your pool timer during the day off your solar system. A free home inspection can tailor a solar system to your families requirements.

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