I want to buy batteries and I already own a solar system, what will I need to do?

The difference between an on-grid solar system and a hybrid or ‘battery ready system’ is that a standard system requires additional components to be able to integrate a home battery and therefore become ‘battery ready’. Home storage solutions are becoming increasingly smaller in size, so you don’t have to worry about a battery room or shed. However, you will need AC coupling, which refers simply to the systems wiring being capable of transporting AC current instead of DC current. You will then need an additional inverter called a multimode inverter. It must be capable of inverting raw DC current from the battery into 240V AC power, as well as converting 240V AC from your solar system’s inverter into DC current allowing for surplus electricity to be stored in the battery. Finally, you will have to be able to monitor your system's input and output so that it discharges to the home at an appropriate time, charges the battery without damaging it, and disallows energy to flow towards the grid.
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