Shipping Containers are the new Brick and Mortar

Isn't it amazing that this...

Can be simply turned into this...

I call it the ECO STRUGGLE, what’s that you might ask? The Eco struggle is the knowledge of looking after the earth, knowing you need to make a small change a day to better impact the environment and to help turn the dial back on climate change yet lacking the motivation, drive and interest to actually do something Eco, EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Most people find doing the recycling a chore and a waste of time. I mean who has the time these days to meticulously sort their trash into the correct bins?

It was found that out of 100 of the most common new years resolutions, recycling was number 63. However, it was also one of the most commonly broken or forgotten resolutions. Now I know we all have busy lives and we are aware of what our progress is doing to the planet with the amount of pollution, greenhouse gases and chemical contamination of the ocean. But how can we make that small change that positively affects the environment but doesn’t require too much work?

Why not incorporate Eco-friendly changes into your home with solar power, wind turbines, or build your home around your lands flora and turn simple objects such as shipping containers into your home. By adding solar power and wind turbines to your home you're saving the environment and your wallet. You can add these solutions to any home, but let's go a step further and take being green to the next level! I mean why not reuse material we already have and make it useful again? Reduce, reuse, recycle and recover.

Shipping containers. I know what you’re thinking, you probably can’t imagine a shipping container that is made homely, but unbelievably it’s the new luxury and it’s affordable too! A conventional granny flat would cost a total of $99,000 due to building costs, connection costs and council fees in comparison to a container granny flat that comes to a grand total of $42,000 with the container costs, transportation of container costs, connection costs and finally council fees. Not building a new house? Why not look at putting a hubby’s den in or an expansion onto the house for a media room or a living room? The possibilities are endless. I mean it’s a win-win. Still not convinced? Check out these pictures.

Modern house meets Eco living.

The Granny flat!

Open plan with a twist.

Portable cafe's, resturants and pop up stalls.

Eco living on a LARGE scale!

Eco office anyone?

By implementing a shipping container into your home you're recycling and keeping toxic chemicals such as iron and rust particles from contaminating the air and the sea water. More and more companies are finding ways to reuse shipping containers to ensure we don't have grave yards of rusty, empty containers that will have a permanent negative impact on the environment and the animal life. Storage units, cafe stalls, classrooms, pop-up food and retail stalls and infrastructure to name a few are recycling and reusing these containers.

So you like the idea but where in Brisbane are you going to find a builder that will turn just a simple shipping container into a work of art. Well I have done the work for you;

ZieglerBuild Homes

Multi HIA award winning builder, Todd Miller of ZieglerBuild has designed and built the largest shipping container house of its kind in Australia,
in Graceville, Brisbane, utilising 31 shipping containers.

Rubix Modular

That’s why at Rubix Modular, we offer very affordable shipping container homes for sale. Shipping container homes are a fraction of the cost of a regular home, and because the parts are pre-fabricated it’s a snap to put them together when they get to you!

These local companies, buy in the retired shipping containers, clean and restore them for reuse a similar process to a plastic bottle being recycled. After this process is complete your wish is their command as they are re-purposed into houses, offices or classrooms whatever tickles your fancy.

So, just by implementing a shipping container into your home you're helping the environment, adding something special to your home and most importantly going to stick to your new years resolution!

Be Eco
Be Sustainable with Majestic Earth

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