Talk about energy on the go or what!

My Majestic Earth people, I don’t know about you guys but I constantly find that I need to walk around with a host of cords to charge all my devices with. Most either taking up to much room in my handbag, room I don't have might I add, or get lost somewhere in my car. Now I know we all get that jittery feeling when our phone battery is about to die and we might miss a call from someone super important.

I know, you know, you get that feeling!

Check out this amazing new invention that I simply must have! It’s a Solar charging bag, I now no longer need to find a power point to plug my many devices into.

Mrs Kanittha the founder and inventor of this revolutionary product was originally a banker whom was married into the garment industry. While contemplating the reliance of technology and power within her society the idea of the solar powered bag sprung forth. The idea of using a bag that both stores your belongings and charges it too is defiantly appealing. By using energy that you collect while walking to work or school you can charge your devices. And clean energy doesn't impact the environment and is safe to use for all your beloved laptops and phones. For the traveller this one is for you as well, as Mrs Kanittha has developed a suitcase that can store power for up to three days, thats plenty of time to charge your laptop, your phone, your iPad and your iPod all at the same time while your in transit. What more could you want!!

Not only are these bags super stylish and will totally add to your look but also help you do your bit for the environment while charging your phone.


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