What options do I have? What are the best home batteries?

There are endless options when it comes to choosing a energy storage solution. In fact there is no single battery which could be considered the best, only those which are high quality, cost effective and reliable. Based on those qualities one might choose Tesla, Panasonic and Sunverge as a good place to start. Tesla makes the list due to its affordability and appropriateness for a large residential market. It offers 7kWh of storage and comes at a price of roughly $7000 for australian homeowners. Sunverge is on the opposite end of the spectrum, their battery can store up to 11.6kWh yet comes with a price tag of roughly $15,000. They offer an even larger system which can store up to nearly 20kWh but costs an impressive $20,000. These systems are more suited for commercial endeavours with large scale solar systems , however some homeowners might feel more comfortable knowing they won't run out of power during the night. The midground choice is Panasonic who offer 8kwH of storage, with a 2kWh output, giving you nearly 4 hours of peak use. Really, at the end of the day, the best battery for your home depends on your system size and budget. We always promote doing your own research as choosing the right home battery is as important as choosing the right solar system.
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