What solar rebates am I eligible for based on my location?

Currently there are four zones which determine the size of your rebates. These zones are based on the amount of direct and uninterrupted sunlight these regions get as a daily and annual average. So, Zone 1 is basically everywhere where Australians don’t live. It constitutes the center of Australia and as well as westernmost part of Australia and everything between those two points. From there, zone 2 makes up the entirety of the Northern Territory, the majority of South Australia and Western Australia, yet fails to include Adelaide and Perth. Zone 3 is where you will most likely find yourself living. Zone 3 covers the entire East Coast, the Adelaide Plains, and the greater region of Perth. If you are unlucky enough to be in Melbourne or Tasmania (lovely places, but the weather isn’t great for solar) then you will be situated in Zone 4, meaning you experience the least sunlight in Australia. To get an idea of what this means for your rebate size, on a 5kW system Zone 1 receives a rebate of roughly $4477, Zone 2 $4255, Zone 3 $3811, Zone 4 $3256. Make sure you know your zoning and cross check against what your solar provider is quoting you.
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