So what’s a Tesla Powerwall?

Essentially, a Tesla Powerwall is simply a wall mounted home battery. It is designed to store any surplus electricity generated by a solar system as well as divert power to the home during periods of low light. This allows people to be completely independent from the grid and use their own electricity day and night. This is a powerful breakthrough, as it effectively wipes the need for energy providers by allowing independent electricity production. However, the thing is, Tesla weren’t the first to do it, nor do they offer the best product. What they do offer is spectacular marketing and a very aesthetically pleasing home storage solution which gets the job done at a low cost. Although it is important to mention that Tesla has made a huge impact on the way we see residential energy solutions by significantly raising awareness about home storage, the necessity to migrate to solar and the impending consequences of global warming. However, when looking at a home storage solution, don’t get caught up in marketing and design, take a look at what everyone has to offer. For example the LG home storage solution actually offers a more powerful system in regards to the maximum kilowatts a family can use per hour.
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